You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success or happiness is found in your daily routine.

~ John C Maxwell


Discipline is the guiding light that helps you to not only stay on track but also breakthrough the results that you aspire. When you aspire to achieve great results, it can be highly demanding and if you are not disciplined it can drain you out. The only way to set yourself free is to design and live a disciplined life.

The fact is, a disciplined life creates massive results is the principle that gets you to achieve The Next Level of Productivity you deserve. Initially you build disciplines consciously and then it is your disciplines that build you up. The fact about disciplines is that it brings stability, structure and control to our lives.


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

~Jim Rohn

Here are the 5 reasons that will inspire you to be disciplined.

  • Being disciplined can help you craft the future you want
  • It keeps you stay on track and make progress
  • Discipline minimizes resistance and creates flow
  • It makes you strong – Financially, Emotionally & Physically.
  • Discipline also makes you experience happiness and fulfillment


“We don’t have to be the smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest.”

~Warren Buffet


5 Disciplines To Reach The Next Level Productivity


Discipline Of Being Grateful

Being Grateful Makes You More Graceful


Gratitude opens your heart to endless possibilities and lets you experience the flow. Noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging them makes you happier and more resilient. It shifts your focus from what life lacks to the abundance that is already present. Being grateful also strengthens your relationship with self and others; it improves health, and reduces stress.

Gratitude anchors you to be in the present moment.  It helps you realize that everything is fine just the way it is, helping us to stop fighting, resist controlling, striving and chasing happiness and accept the flow.

In The Next Level Productivity Planner I share with you the Practice of Gratitude. As a result, you do not just experience tremendous joy but also be part of the flow. Instead of being reactive, you set a proactive approach to accomplish a lot more from each day.

Discipline Of Planning

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Planning helps you design the day, week or even a month much before you win them. It is highly unlikely that you can plan and execute in parallel, especially when you are working on a massive and critical projects.

Planning is like creating a blueprint much before you lay the foundation to the beautiful castle that you wish to build. The fact is, if the blue-print is clear, the result is easier and quicker. There is a famous saying; failing to plan is planning to fail. I don’t want you to fail ever. Hence we created “The Next Level Productivity Planner”, which will help you to plan better, clear and make those plans executable.


Discipline Of Measuring

What you measure gets improved and it gets proved.

If planning helps you design the blueprint then measuring helps you stay on course with the plan. Marrying clear planning with measuring helps you to accelerate towards your results.

Measuring indicates to you when to shift the momentum of your game. A disciplined effort to measure your efforts helps you maximize your results. Discipline yourself to do better than you did yesterday, and as you make your daily plans and measure your progress. The next level productivity is inevitable.

The Next Level Productivity Planner, will help you measure your progress and help you stay on track.


Discipline Of Focus

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows!

In the world which is screaming for attention, FOCUS is your biggest asset. It helps you gain control of your results. Our lives are a result of our focus, and when you constantly focus on what truly matters, life starts to present possibilities.

For you to stay focused you must know what are the things that will take your focus off from your end goal? What distractions to be eliminated and what is the strategy that will maximize your focus. Disciplining yourself to focus will not be easy, but if you are determined and patient, you will notice that the results are worth the efforts.

To discipline focus practice “Time-Block”, it is the most powerful tool when you want to get the work done and stay highly productive.

Time blocking is when you set-aside block of time and fill that block of time with the most important tasks on hand. You ensure that you are highly focused and single-minded during this time-block. You get rid of any distractions; do not multi-task and just focus on getting one thing done. When you practice Time-Blocks, you learn to get more done in less time. 


Discipline Of Learning

Learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

My mentor often told me, learners are earners and that’s true. When we love to remain as students of our own life, our growth and success is inevitable.

Learning is and should be an important part of your daily life.

The fact about our everyday life is that it never stops teaching us great lessons. If we are open and willing, life takes you onto The Next Level Success and fulfilment. While you practice the discipline of learning, you must make a conscious effort to bring the best lessons from your everyday life. Lessons usually are found in the obstacles that you face. Be aware and make the mess become the message. Let it be the source of your greatest learning.

Remember, learners are earners. When you use “The Next Level Productivity Planner” you will get an opportunity to gather your learning each day. Let your learning each day inspire you to be more, do more and have more.

So here are the five disciplines that can help you achieve the next level of productivity and help you achieve the next level success.

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