M.S.Dhoni the new age leader who knows how to inspire and bring the best out of his team. May it be the youngest team that dominated the world cup or the older team that dominated the IPL this year. What makes him such a powerful and charismatic leader? What makes everyone fall in love with him?

In this article, I am going to deconstruct some of his ideas, thoughts, and strategies to give us insights into his leadership style.

Lesson No1: Being Calm & Composed

Dhoni knows how not to succumb to the fear. He knows seeing too far into the future will lead to anxiety and staying focused in the past will lead to frustration. What a calm mind does is to practice being in the present while keeping an eye on the vision. If you do not balance being in the present with an eye on the vision, you will find yourself succumbing to either anxiety of frustration.

Dhoni advocates this point of balancing his vision of future with right action in the present. He says that keeps him calm even during the times of adversity.

Lesson No2: Leadership Is A Team Sport

Leaders usually get all the fame for the significant achievement of the team but what every leader must understand is, “Leadership is a TEAM SPORT”. You might be recognized for all the efforts but you must choose to win, give credit to your team and pass it on. Leadership is not about how much you deserve, but how well you serve your fellow team members. That’s the reason why seniors or the newcomers admire his leadership so much.

Lesson No3: Manage Pressure

We must understand that pressure brings the best out of people. Help your team to discover their truest potential while going through pressure. It is only during the phase of pressure that champions perform and others perish. A constant support system during the phase of pressure ensures that we deal with pressure adequately. That’s what a great eco-system does to every team member.

Lesson No4: How to Manage Team & Give Them Feedback/ Advice

1) Define clear roles and responsibilities:  when you clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities and create a sense of ownership among the team members. It lets them focus on what is expected of them and minimizes conflicts among team members.

 2) Speak only when it’s required:  Leaders and coaches must speak only when it is important and not look for opportunities to exhibit their wisdom. In short, “Learn to listen

3) Keep things simple:  Understand that complexity is the enemy of any execution that you want to do. Minimize complexity to maximize results.

4) Give Advice: While giving feedback or advice to the team, give feedback based on the drive of the team member and their strengths. Play on the strengths and not on the weakness of your team.

Lesson No5: How to Connect With The Team?

 1) Create a positive environment: A positive environment cultivates great performance in the team. Building a positive environment makes them be themselves and helps you to build deeper connections. Any friction in the team decelerates the growth of the individual and the team. Watch out for any such friction and handle it immediately.

2) Be willing to Take & Give Feedback: Yes, first take feedback. When you are ready to listen and show that you are open to taking feedback first, when you empathize by showing that you understand what is going on in their mind, you open up a gateway to deeper and meaningful conversations. This can happen only when you spend time and connect with your team. When you take time to know your team, your team will be willing to accept the feedback of every kind from you.


Lesson No6: How To Bring Change?

 Walk the talk, unless you walk the path first you will never inspire change in your teams. It is not the opinions that change the world or your teams, it is your actions that inspire others to change. May it be taking the challenges head-on or being a champion first. So, as a leader, unless you are willing to show the path by walking the path first, don’t think that your team will be too inspired to make any changes.

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