Leadership Is Not A Marathon, It’s A Relay Race. Pass The Baton!

Over the years one of the question that often get’s asked is., “Are leaders born or leaders are made?

There has never been an ideal answer to this question, over the last several decades leadership theories have evolved and have made best attempts to answer this question.

In this short article, I tried capturing 7 such theories that evolved over-time. Each theory has it’s significance.

1) The Great Man Theory – This theory proposed that Leaders Are Born Not Made. It believed that there are certain innate qualities that one a leader is born with and they cannot be learned.

2) Trait Theory Of Leadership – This theory advocated that there are certain traits/ characteristics  that contributes to leading Effectively and these traits are learn-able.

3) Skills Theory Of Leadership – A leaders must possess certain level of Technical, People & Conceptual Skills to Succeed in a Leadership role.

4) Style Theory Of Leadership – This is one of the widely used theory, where two aspects Concern For People Vs Concern For Process resulted into different styles adopted by various leaders.

5) Situational Theory Of Leadership – One size does not fit all was the basis of this theory and hence every leaders must adapt to the situation that they are in. This is a widely used theory in several organizations.

6) Transactional Leadership – This theory had it’s roots in the correlation between rewards and results. Leader must reward to attain results and the moment the rewards are stopped the results will be impacted.

7) Transformational Leadership – In the recent times, this theory which is based on leaders ability to inspire, build relationships and provide a culture of empowerment got a lot recognition.


Which leadership theory do you follow?

Book That Inspired Me:

Mark Sanborn the author of the book “You don’t need a title to be a leader” highlights how titles do not inspire people but it is the actions of the leaders, that makes others feel inspired.

In the book, Mark shares many inspiring stories of leaders who did not have a title to lead but demonstrated leadership in Action. He talks about how acting with deeper purpose, caring for others, building a legacy with contribution makes you a true authentic leader.

A must book for every leader.

Leader That Inspires: 

The software giant’s new CEO talks about his priorities for changing the company’s culture–as well as an important lesson he learned from a kid on his school’s cricket team.

Satya Nadella started his new role as CEO at Microsoft early this month with a promise to “change the world through technology.” Although it’s way too early to see if he will succeed in achieving that lofty goal, it’s not too early to hear about the business philosophies that will guide his effort.

Read more here.,


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