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Questioning is your ability to organize our thinking around what we don’t know.

Today’s Sales Nugget

You don’t have to hard-sell always.

Traditional sales process is focused on closing the sale while consultative selling is focused on knowing the customer before selling the product/service. You spend time listening and knowing the prospects well.  You speak less and listen more.

In traditional process you are end up hard-selling and miss-out on what your prospects truly wants. In the process you end-up upsetting a million dollar client.

What should you do?

Understand that no one size fits all.  Get your role changed from traditional selling to consultative selling.

Traditional Selling Approach Follows Following Steps:

1) Telling & Prospecting

2) Qualifying

3) Presenting

4) Closing- Hard Selling


Consultative Selling Approach Follows Following Steps:

1) Build Rapport & Trust

2) Identify Needs By Asking Questions

3) Sell The Benefits

4) Reassure Support & Close

Asking questions and Listen, Listen, Listen to understand their primary need of the customer is the key to succeeding in consultative selling

You will sell more when you know your customer more. Not when you know your targets more.

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