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One customer taken care of well could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertisement.

~ Jim Rohn

Today’s Sales Nugget

A lot of people ask, “Tell me one fastest & cost effective way to grow your sales?”

Without any doubt its asking for referrals from your existing clients. When you are referred by someone, you have already overcome all the resistance that you will face. When you are referred you are Trusted more, you gain instant credibility and the number of objections are lesser.

Persuasion science says that when you are referred by someone, your influence is 78% higher and 89% decisions are made in your favor. This is the most powerful and cost effective way of growing your business.

In spite of that most people do not proactively ask for referrals. They are hesitant of the fact they will lose their existing client. The fact is most clients misunderstand referring and that’s why you must educate the client about what referring actually means. Let them know that referring does not mean they must help you close the deal. It means that they connect you to the person who can benefit from the services you offer.

Here are a few tips to understand how & when you must ask for a referral.

1) Develop a mindset required to ask for referral

2) Ask your happy clients to think of two colleagues in the industry who could benefit from your services

3) Request them to connect them with you over an email or through phone. You can also let them know that referring does not necessarily mean that they should help you close the deal.

4) Thank them as they refer someone and let them know how the referral shapes up

5) In case the client is not comfortable sharing any referral stay connected with them.

Sales Action

Schedule an exclusive meeting with your existing clients, check their satisfaction levels and ask for 2 referrals today.

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