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The key to success and growth in sales is not the first sale it is follow-up and repeat sales.

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Why follow-up is the key to you sales success?

Think of it this way, you have sown a seed and nurtured it enough and it grows into a tree. Exactly when the tree is ready to give fruits, you gave up. Thinking it’s not the right tree for you. Not knowing that every tree takes its own time to give fruits. All you had to do was continue to nurture the tree.

Its the same when it comes to working with your customers. Your ability to follow-up and nurture your clients is the key to grow exponentially.

Many a times a customer says NO or does not respond much before they say YES.

In sales dictionary neither NO nor SILENCE means rejection but often sales professionals treat silence or a “NO” as final. They stop nurturing the client, the stop following up. While most customers say no 5 times before saying yes, most sales professionals give up 3rd time.

The fact is, one must follow-up with the intention of building relationship and adding value and not just with the intention of selling. It’s the key to growing your sales and converting a NO to a possible YES.

Here is small illustration.


Follow-up with your customers and you never know when their NO turns into a YES.

Sales Action:

Make a list of 10 clients where you have missed your follow-up. Schedule your follow-up with them today.

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