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10 Ways To Find Qualified Leads At No/Low Cost

One of the keys to succeed in sales is to generate qualified leads constantly. If you can get them at low/ no cost its the best that you can get.

In no specific order following are the list of ways you can get and involves no cost.

1)         Online – there are many places where you don’t pay a single penny like Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. You don’t have to do paid ads always write quality content which attracts your potential customers

2)         Affiliates or Commission –  Design a compensation system for those who can work as affiliates for your business. Understand that it is a commission which means nothing goes from your pocket

3)         Strong referral system – this is the best and my favorite. If you have a clear defined referral system it can generate maximum leads in minimum time.

4)        JV with complimenting Businesses – again you have a lead generated without any efforts if you have someone who has complimenting business. Get into an agreement with them and reap the benefits of growing your leads

5)         Be the authority – write about what you do to newspapers, journals, etc. You do not have to pay a lot of money. When you establish yourself as authority the scope widens and reach is deep.

6)         Networking events – visit networking events where you find your leads, not every networking event is free but there are many that are free too. Trade a sponsorship opportunity by offering your services.

7)         Authority Selling – if you have your services/ products approved and advocated by the authority it sells. We call it borrowing credibility. Again this is different from celebrity endorsements.

8)         Your family and friends  – Many of them do not really know what you do and if they do they do not know who can be your ideal customer. Talk to them and tell them about your work.

9)         Communities – both online and offline. Be part of communities they help you learn and also help you grow your business. Add value in these communities until the identify you as the credible authority. As you do leads flow-in

10)       Barter Marketing – this is something that’s amazing again. Let your product/ service be marketed by someone else. 3rd party advocacy helps more always.

Sales Action:

Generate one lead in each category every month and grow your business.


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