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Today’s Sales Nugget

What differentiates a highly successful sales professional who is constantly growing in his career and the one who is just closing numbers?

When I study some highly successful businesses and their sales teams, this is what I found. There are 4 types of knowledge they possess and demonstrate in every transaction. This makes them the ultimate preference over others.

1) Product/ Service Knowledge

They understand the product that they are selling and demonstrate thorough knowledge of everything that the product can deliver.

2) Customer Knowledge

They understand their customers very well. They study them well ahead of time and know how to interact with each customer.

3) Business Knowledge

They go beyond and learn about the business nuances. This helps to close the deal faster with profits.

4) Industry Knowledge

Finally, they understand the industry and the changes that are happening in the industry. They also are aware of how these changes impact their sales.

While most average sales professionals stop at first 2, the highly successful ones demonstrate all 4 levels of knowledge.

How do they help?

They help you demonstrate credibility and hence most of the resistance is handled automatically.

Sales Action:

Check which of these knowledge is missing in you and your team?


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