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Now matter what story you sell. Make your Buyer The Hero ~ Chris Brogan

Today’s Sales Nugget

Do you know how does your buyer think and make decisions of buying? your pricing strategy working for you?

Pricing can be a very important criteria for a buyer when they decide whether to buy or not. You should adapt a strategy which should minimize this worry yet give you the result you want. It should be strategically done as well as . While most people argue that there has to be one standard pricing. It may not be a good idea.

So, what can you do?

You must have 3 strategies. First one is low price and minimal value. This like a trial version of the product or service that you offer. This one eases the resistance and let’s the buyer experience your product /services. Let me call this offer as  *Basic*

The second one is where you add more features, benefits and advantages and the pricing is competitive. Let me call this offer *Advance*. You explain the buyer the value of adding these features, advantages and the benefits. Just explain don’t sell.

Now, the third one. Let me call this one as *Pro*. This is where you add a lot of value and the price is higher.

So here are the three options – Basic, Advance and Pro.

From the buyer psychology, most often times they end up taking the basic and upgrade it to advance or Pro. Your target should be to close more *advanced* and not always to sell *pro*

Here is an example where there are 4 pricing considered:

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