The NEXT LEVEL Leadership

The NEXT LEVEL Leadership

by The NEXT LEVEL Leadership
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Learn How The NEXT LEVEL Leaders Empower, Enable and Create An Inspired Team & A Great Workplace.


Modern day leaders are trapped between constant demand of scaling up the business and build high performance teams that can outperform the competition. A catch between Profits Vs. People. When people when asked. “What will make a leader more successful? Profits or People?” they unanimously agree that it is, people. People can help them drive results.

Then why do most leaders fail to build an inspired workplace?

The focus of this workshop is to enable the leaders to first take the journey inwards and introspect. It enables leaders to develop the required awareness, mental flexibility, emotional well being to build high performance teams and an inspired workplace.

The workshop gives participants an opportunity to discover the hidden leadership capabilities. This experiential journey takes participants one step closer to enhance their ability to connect and communicate with everyone, build thinking agility, develop influence without authority, to motivate and coach people in their team.

Module 1:

  • The Mental, Emotional and Physical Make-up of Leadership Excellence
  • Principles & Perceptions Of Excellence in Leadership
  • Understanding Reticular Activating System

Module 2:

  • The mental makeup of the world using mental models of the world
  • Strengthening the insights on personal leadership psychology
  • Understand the impact of your leadership psychology on various roles played as a leader.

Module 3:

  • Master Human Emotions to drive inspired action
  • Master human motivation and its impact on all aspects of your life
  • Use emotions to persuade, influence and create greater purpose

Module 4:

  • Creating future memories for excellence
  • Working on creating your Identity of Success
  • Action Planning for Leadership Success

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Who Should Attend?

We believe leaders are not just those who are given titles – leaders are those who lead and inspire even without a title. Hence, this program is for everyone who is involved in the role of inspiring people.

Some of our past participants profile: Managers, Human Resource Heads, Trainers, Team Leads, VPs, Entrepreneurs, etc

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2020-02-05 @ 02:00 PM
2020-06-26 @ 11:00 AM


Birmingham, UK, Anywhere


The NEXT LEVEL Leadership

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